B Corp "We'll do our best, to do our part"

Since the very start of the Davidson adventure, we decided to focus on employee well-being. We’ve modestly tried to innovate and conduct multiple initiatives to achieve this, as well as make sure we manage to “do good”. To achieve this we’ve participated in the Great Place To Work classification for several years. This has been fantastic for us, as we’ve been named the Great Place To Work in both France and Europe for an incredible four years running. However, in 2018 we decided to switch everything up,
because we felt that an egocentric approach (focused on ourselves, on the Davidson teams) should make way for an eco-centric approach (in the sense of a positive influence on an ecosystem that extends well beyond Davidson). In short, it was time to take an interest in the world rather than just yours truly. That’s why we decided to become a B Corp.
To date, we’re the first consulting firm and the largest company by employee numbers to become a B Corp in France.

This certification also encompasses well-being at work (inclusion, tribal management, assessing employee satisfaction, horizontal hierarchy, quality of the workplace, etc.) and is demanding on many other complementary aspects, such as:

  • Governance (accessibility, transparency, ethics, mission given to the company, etc.)
  • The collectivity (diversity, percentage of turnover dedicated to sponsorship actions with for example Article 1 / Planète Urgence / Fondation des Femmes, support for disavantaged people, respect for our suppliers, etc.)
  • Environmental protection (energy consumption, waste management, proactive strategy, etc.). On this latter point, Davidson aims to be a socially responsible company that assumes its responsibilities in combating climate change. Together with 500 B Corp companies from around the world at the COP25, we committed to becoming a carbon-neutral company by 2030 and numerous projects have been launched to achieve this (supply of green energy, migration to premises with the highest environmental standards as well as actions related to digital frugality and the carbon contribution that you can discover here).

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