Davidson works in partnership with its customers on projects geared towards an advanced, connected and environmentally-friendly future.

From participating in developing innovative products and procedures to incorporating digital and connectivity into the core of solutions (manufacturing 4.0), limiting risks and fostering sustainable development, Davidson’s consultants are on the frontline of shifts in industrial sectors.

We’re active in the manufacturing industry, energy conversion, transport and agribusiness, and support our customers at each stage in the life cycle of a project or business: from inception through to final delivery. To achieve this, our operations combine functional responsibilities and technological support for our customers’ organisations, and now frequently incorporate addressing opportunities related to the digital transformation and processing the data generated.

  • Our business lines
Research and Development, studies and engineering
  • Encryption and creation of technical offers
  • Parts or systems design
  • Studies & development of products or equipment in internal or external mode
  • Testing and validation of parts or equipment
Industrial organisation, performance and operational excellence
  • Industrialisation of production equipment
  • Production optimisation & planning
  • Lean Management
Project Management
  • Preliminary project costing and definition of the scope
  • Deployment of steering methodology and appropriate processes
  • Multi-project management, task planning, identification of critical paths, quality control, costs, deadlines, risks, etc.
  • Creation of dashboards and reports (possibly via BI tools)
  • Contract management, supplier follow-up
  • Team management
  • Technical coordination of multi-trade activities
  • Interim management
  • Industrial transfer management
  • Supervision of work sites
Digital & Digital Transformation
  • Processing of industrial Use Cases: monitoring (IoT, networks, IT, Data), feasibility studies and ROI, POC
  • Data strategy and implementation: construction of lakes, data flow and mining
  • Support with the implementation of IT solutions for business lines (Business process modelling, project management, agile PO)
  • Technical support (connectivity, hosting / cloud, IT architecture, software development, TMA)
  • Cobotics / Robotics
Supply Chain
  • Procurement & Shipping
  • Purchasing
  • Logistics
Quality, regulatory compliance, safety and industrial risks
  • System quality
  • Product/supplier/production quality
  • Operational reliability
  • Industrial and environmental risks

Our areas of intervention :

  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Railway
  • Space
  • Infrastructure
  • Special machines
  • Energy
  • Agri-food
  • Heavy industry
  • Chemistry
  • Defence

Examples of projects carried out:

  • For a customer manufacturing aerospace inerting systems: qualification and validation of equipment in accordance with the customer’s specifications, then management of its integration into the aircraft.
  • For a customer in the Space sector: definition of the architecture of the industrial system for manufacturing 900 satellites to provide worldwide Internet coverage!
  • For a customer in the Aerospace sector: development and implementation of a quality inspection tool on a production line via smartphones coupled with artificial intelligence.
  • For a customer in the Aerospace sector: design of a new building for a production line (150,000 m²), relocation and refitting of several production line workspaces with change of activity
  • For a customer producing cardboard converting machines: management of the technical studies for the electrical equipment used to power the machines and modulate their speed.
  • For a customer producing consumer goods: management of a production line transfer as part of the internalisation of manufacturing activities
  • For a customer in the Energy sector in the field of electrical distribution: management of the equipment delivery contract from the validation of the specifications to the commissioning of the equipment.