“Grenoble: the world’s fifth most innovative city”
Erick Gallet Associate director
4 Place Robert Schuman
38000 Grenoble
04 58 00 51 90

Snow, Tech and Fun !

Davidson has been established in Grenoble since 2012.

So why Grenoble? For the skiing, of course! It’s also mainly because Grenoble is now ranked the number five city worldwide for the number of patent submissions per inhabitant. This is just the right place for fulfilling the ambitions of technophiles and satisfying the curiosity of engineers across a whole range of disciplines. We assist the big names in energy, microelectronics, electrical engineering, digital and health, as well as a network of tech start-ups and SMEs brimming with ideas and ambition.

Whatever your background and disciplines might be, come and join us for a coffee. You’re welcome any time!

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Areas of expertise

Work areas

  • Project management
  • Case and project management
  • Technical specifications
  • Design and development
  • Validation / Testing / Integrations
  • Organisation quality
  • Supplier quality
  • Purchasing
  • Methods, industrialisation and new works
  • Continuous improvement
  • Logistics
  • Dependability


  • General installations and processes
  • Electronics
  • Industrial and embedded
  • IT
  • Command and control
  • Materials and structures
  • Electrical engineering
  • Signalling
In this photo, we see colleagues working and discussing around a table

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