With our nose to the grindstone, we don’t see what’s really stopping us from moving forward, what prevents our teams from pushing back their boundaries, from “doing things differently”.

Developing a mindset of constructive rebellion, daring to think differently, breaking away from conformity and the politically correct are becoming some of the keys to survival in business.

It’s time to open up to other ways of doing, change habits and throw off the shackles to put yourself in a position of creating, imagining and experimenting.

In this interactive workshop, Isabelle will encourage you to ask yourself questions and identify the keys to:

  • Stop being afraid to try
  • Dare to shake up conformity
  • Create the desire to do
  • Use the right creativity methods


Disruptive and rebellious, Isabelle has spent over 20 years in marketing and communication departments at organisations of all sizes.

A coach, managerial innovation consultant and expert on the topics of motivation, engagement and transformation of organisations, she teaches management at ESSEC and works as a tutor at the Imagination Weeks.

She is also the co-author of “Management Game” (the new rules of the game for putting a smile back on managers’ faces/new rules of the game for managers in the digital era), as well as an AFNOR handbook on The Game, a key element in a new managerial culture of talents.