Today, data is a strategic asset at the heart of the digital transformation of companies and the basis for the creation of many new services.

Davidson’s unique data expertise enables it to deliver an end-to-end service for its customers, whether they’re data-driven or are “simply” looking to get the most out of their data. Our consultants work by your side on expertise or management assignments, although you can also outsource all or part of your projects (on a co-construction basis if you wish) in TOAS mode (Technical Office As a Service) to our Twister team. As well as offering an on-demand solution, Twister executes R&D projects for Davidson (several patents filed), notably in innovative architectures, deep learning and machine learning.

Nos métiers

Support with the implementation of a data strategy

  • Analysing business line requirements (with, in particular, ideation workshops)
  • Identifying strategic data (internal / external), reference data
  • Defining a governance based on 4 fundamentals (accessibility, quality & integrity, regulatory compliance, confidentiality & security)
  • Building the data repository, setting up an MDM
  • Presenting them
  • Training the teams, organising meetings or Open Training days.

Data science (machine learning ML, deep learning DL, artificial intelligence AI)

  • Choosing / writing algorithms
  • Setting up frameworks
  • Defining models and training them
  • Industrialising (“DOCKERiser”, “APIser”, “DEVOPSiser”)

Data visualisation

  • Investigating and selecting data sources
  • Building and automating report production

Big Data architecture

  • Implementing solutions to ensure an efficient DATA display, on-premise or Cloud (PaaS / IaaS)
  • Analysing the impact on the systems in place
  • Building data lakes and setting up data flows / pipelines
  • Implementing measures to ensure compliance with governance rules

Examples of projects carried out:

  • For our own R&D: text analysis / text mining (NLP) for the creation of a next generation social network, with a specific news feed for each user
  • For a banking client: development of a chatbot using Deep Learning
  • For a customer in the healthcare sector: automation of the coding of healthcare pathways using machine learning
  • For a customer in the real estate field: implementation of a log management architecture
  • For a cloud world leader: complete overhaul of the architecture of a data lake
  • For a customer in the transport sector: face recognition using Deep Learning
  • For a customer in the telecommunications field: prediction of Box and Router outages

Our technical environment:

  • Infrastructures & Storage: Cloud (AWS, Azure, Google Cloud Platform), Cloudera, MapReduce, Hortonworks, mongoDB, Hadoop, Cassandra, Splunk, Redis, CouchDB
  • Data-processing: Spark, Scala, Kafka, Logstach, Elasticsearch, Hive, Storm, Flink Analytics: R, Python, SPSS&SAS, TensorFlow, Sickit learn Dataviz: grafana, dataiku, kibana, Tableau, Qlik, JS proprietary tool
  • DevOps & containers: Docker, puppet, Jenkins, Sonar, Openshift, Kubernetes, Ansible Fields: machine learning, deep learning