The Shopify platform is growing exponentially, with small businesses, large SMEs and international groups alike. Shopify and its ecosystem are disruptive, the platform is attractive and projects are coming on stream.
What better way to get to grips with Shopify than to get started and create your first shop?

This is what this Shopify training course is all about, allowing you to discover the e-commerce platform, its logic, and its main parameters through a real-life situation.

Training objectives :

  • Discover the back-office and the logic of Shopify
  • Know the main settings of Shopify
  • Build a Shopify shop

Participants :

  • IT/eCommerce project managers from major accounts or agencies
  • IT/eCommerce Project Managers – Key Account or Agency
  • IT/eCommerce domain managers from major accounts or agencies
  • Consultants in project management assistance and project management


  • Shopify in dates and figures
  • The Shopify offering
  • The Shopify Ecosystem
  • Presentation of the “Beautiful Brand” case study

Discovering the back office

  • The general aspect
  • Product, Customer and Order databases
  • The Apps
  • Themes

Setting up the front end

  • Selecting a theme
  • Theme customisation
  • Creating the main navigation
  • Creating the footerLinking to social networks

Creation of the catalogue

  • Creation of products, with and without without variants
  • Addition of visuals
  • Content for SEO
  • Creation of collections

Adding content

  • Brand pages
  • eCommerce pages (FAQ, shipping and returns,legal pages)
  • Blog posts

Main settings

  • Payment platform
  • Delivery methods
  • Payment tunnel
  • Transactional emails
  • Multi-language management

Activation of commercial mechanics

  • Product recommendations
  • Native promotions (promocode in particular) or activated via an App
  • Gift cards

Preparing for opening day

  • Data migration
  • URL redirection
  • Analysis and tracking tags
  • Domain name scoring

Requirements :
A good culture of e-commerce projects, whatever the technology

Pedagogical / supervisory devices :
The trainees have a course support

Evaluation devices:
A final MCQ sanctioning the skills acquired during the training day. The MCQ is graded and provides precise and detailed answers to all the questions.

One day (7 hours)

Intra or inter-company, on-site or distance learning

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