Vacancy available: Lille

    When you come to work at Davidson, you won’t just be joining a group of 3,000 consultants in 6 countries and 2 continents, you’ll be joining “the” company named by its employees as Great Place To Work France and Europe for four years, as well as the largest B Corp in France.
    “B Corps” form a community of companies that have decided that, rather than being the best in the world, they’ll be the best *for* the world.
    Our growth is based on strong principles:

    Deep respect for all our stakeholders: consultants, customers and suppliers, because although work can’t “buy happiness”, it can “cause unhappiness”. We’re therefore committed to listening, acting honestly and promoting equality (Women / Men but not only).
    A minimum environmental footprint and a maximum societal footprint. This is why, aside from the assignments you’ll be working on, you’ll also have the chance to contribute to the projects Davidson supports: international solidarity assignments (with Planète Urgence), supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds (with Article 1) and investing in start-ups that develop innovative solutions.
    Adhocratic management based on implementing “horizontal company” and “tribal management” principles.

    One important point about the latter: well-being at work is a luxury you need to have as a “solid” company. For the Davidson teams, this means marrying initiative, commitment and professionalism, as “without work, talent is just a dirty habit”. It drives us to recruit components that are better than we are. In a classic hierarchical organisation, it can be beneficial to have an army of people who work for you. In an adhocracy, that doesn’t work.

    Mission / Profile

    Your role as a process engineer will be to design and scale a process by performing a variety of tasks such as:

    • Creating and updating P&IDs / PFDs
    • Conducting HAZOP reviews
    • Defining process functions
    • Producing interface documents to enable other trades to carry out their research (they’re relying on you)
    • Analysing feedback from operational facilities and producing summary documents

    You will also need to produce documents, which may include:

    • Technical briefs (dimensioning of equipment such as pumps, exchangers, separators, etc.)
    • Operating notes (mechanical unit or mechanical equipment)
    • Operating diagrams
    • Instrumentation or automation specifications
    • Flow diagrams
    • Material and thermal reports
    • Value / reactions / analytical reports
    • Tableau d’analyse des perturbations de fonctionnement (“operational disruptions analysis table”)

    Examples of projects:

    • Technical data sheet specifying the new cooling network (with an analysis of the solution selected following the scoping study)
    • Implementing maceration and hydrolysis operations on an industrial scale
    • Studying the process impacts of modernising water treatment systems at a chemical plant
    • Examining and selecting a pneumatic powder-conveying technology
    • Dimensioning and producing a PID for a steam network
    • Preparing site tests and performing tests as a process and fluid test manager
    • etc.

    Skills (pre-existing or to be acquired)

    • Was the “young chemist” kit your favourite childhood toy? Get your application in quick!
    • One or more of the following software packages: PROSIM, PROII, EXCEL, AUTOCAD, PROSIMBATCH, ASPEN, FATHOM, HYSYS

    Talents/soft skills

    • Team player
    • Strong appetite for technical work
    • Writing skills
    • English language

    Description of the segment's business

    Industry trades


    Davidson works in partnership with its customers on projects geared towards an advanced, connected and environmentally-friendly future.
    From participating in developing innovative products and procedures to incorporating digital and connectivity into the core of solutions (manufacturing 4.0), limiting risks and fostering sustainable development, Davidson’s consultants play a central role in shifts in industrial sectors.

    We’re active in the manufacturing industry, energy conversion, transport and agribusiness, and support our customers at each stage in the life cycle of a project or business: from inception through to final delivery. To achieve this, our operations combine functional responsibilities and technological support for our customers’ organisations

    Our business lines:

    1. Research and development, studies and engineering
    2. Industrial organisation, operational performance and excellence
    3. Quality, regulatory compliance and industrial risks
    4. Supply chain management
    5. Digital & Digital Transformation

    The fields we work in:

    • Automotive
    • Aviation
    • Rail
    • Space
    • Infrastructures
    • Special machines
    • Agribusiness
    • Heavy industry
    • Chemicals
    • Defence

    Follow your dreams, they know the way.

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