YODA is a combination of:

  • an ISD (Davidson’s, which manages around 50 in-house applications, including this magnificent website and bot)
  • an innovation unit that prototypes ahead of the market (providing we don’t fall by the wayside), currently focused on issues in DevOps,  Right Tech , machine & deep learning
  • a support team for our digital agency Colorz A multi-region agile/Devops service centre (execution and third-party application maintenance) dedicated to customers that want to outsource to us or jointly develop all or part of a project with us
The YODA team has state-of-the-art skills and technical means to work with you on projects such as:
  • agile and DevOps coaching and implementation within a team or a project
  • IS architecture and data processing
  • complete digitisation of a business process
  • implementation of a group intranet
  • development of an E-commerce website, a Marketplace (with Colorz)