Our Shopify web integration training will enable you to develop the theoretical and practical skills needed to become a specialist integrator on this e-commerce platform and its specific features.

Shopify is an intuitive, SaaS-based e-commerce platform that allows individuals and businesses of all sizes to create and run their own online shop. It also allows for extensive customisation, tailored to the needs of each site.

The Shopify integrator plays a key role in the implementation of an e-commerce site on this platform. They can create, modify, customise or enhance the website’s design and layout. The Shopify integrator combines technical skills with design and conversion know-how to create a complete e-commerce site based on the design templates. They also ensure that the highest standards of quality and speed are met.

Training objectives :
To understand the specificities of the development of the Shopify platform

Participants :
Front-end developer


  • The Shopify Ecosystem
  • Shopify in dates and figures


  • Project scope
  • Documentation
  • Initial store configuration
  • Mastering the administrator interface

Getting started with your SHOPIFY project

  • Management of the product base, management of the customer base
  • Listing and installation of third-party apps to be implemented
  • Selection of a theme

Setting up the storefront

  • Installing the theme
  • Installation and configuration of applications
  • Theme customisation (Homepage, collection listing page, collection page, product page, checkout)
  • Creation of the navigation and footer

Special settings

  • Domain configuration
  • Payment method
  • Delivery mode
  • Taxes
  • Transactional emails
  • Adding sales channels (Google, Facebook…)

Theme development / modification

  • Editing Shopify code
  • Shopify liquid language
  • Shopify code: Understanding page structure
  • Shopify code : How to use .liquid
  • Visualization
  • Logic

Developing a private app

  • Which language to use?
  • How to understand APIs?
  • What types of front and back interactions are possible?

A good knowledge of e-commerce projects, whatever the technology, and at least to have already worked on a shopify project as part of a training course or a real customer project

Pedagogical / supervisory devices:
The trainees have a course support

Evaluation devices :
A final MCQ to assess the skills acquired during the day of the training course. The MCQ is marked and provides precise and detailed answers to all the questions.

Duration :
One day (7 hours)

Modalities :
Single company, face-to-face or distance learning

Prices :
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Updated on 13/01/2023