“Contribute to the success of our clients' most successful IT projects”
Amaury De Vivies Associate director
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Wëllkom, Welcome, Bienvenue to Davidson Luxembourg

Elevating our teams on the most innovative projects in Luxembourg 

Davidson Luxembourg aims to be a partner to its customers who specialise in support and digital transformation.

This means being able to assist them in their key projects. Their trust in us is fostered by the quality of our relationship, which has always been our focus.

We strive to attract the best talent not only in Luxembourg and the Grande Région, but also throughout Europe and even worldwide 😉.

Our aim is to create the most stimulating environment for our teams. To make this possible, we concentrate our efforts on open bar training (if you’re unfamiliar with it, take a look at Open Bar Training), life within our Luxembourg collective, and supporting the careers goals of all!

Working on projects that “matter”, we attract the best to us. That’s great, but we want to make sure we can do it for a long time. To do this, we all have a “small” planetary task: Davidson Luxembourg aspires to do its part to reduce the group’s negative externalities by maximising our positive impacts (environmental, social, and societal).

That will require all the goodwill we can muster!

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Areas of expertise

Work areas

  • Big data strategy
  • Data product strategy
  • Big data platform
  • Data science
  • Business process modelling
  • Lean start-up, design thinking, agile
  • Training (technical and non-technical)
  • Deep learning
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Natural language understanding
  • Chatbot
  • UX/UI
  • Workshops


  • Web and mobile applications
  • Cloud and on-premise
  • Proof of concept
In this image we are in an office, we see in a calm light, a table, a computer, a keyboard, a chair.

Our customers

  • BCEE
  • CALI
  • SBGT