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    Joining Davidson not only means joining a group of 3,000 consultants in 6 countries and 2 continents, but also joining a company that has been voted a Great Place To Work France and Europe by its employees for no less than 4 years, as well as one of the largest B Corps in France, named Best in the World in the “employees” category in 2022! (“B Corps” form a community of companies that have decided not to be the best in the world but the best FOR the world).

    Because our development is based on strong principles:

    • Deep respect for all our stakeholders: consultants, customers and suppliers. Because if work “can’t buy you happiness”, it can however cause unhappiness. Therefore, we are committed to listening and acting honestly.
    • Equal opportunities in the processing of our applications and in the career management of our employees. We believe in a workplace where gender equality, inclusion and diversity are the norm.
    • A minimal environmental impact and a maximum societal impact. That’s why, beyond the work you’ll be carrying out, you’ll also be able to contribute to projects that Davidson supports: international solidarity work (with Planète Urgence), volunteering with charities (each Davidsonian has 3 days a year to work with them), supporting students from underprivileged backgrounds (with Article 1), investing in startups developing innovative solutions, collective and individual actions to reduce our carbon footprint, etc.
    • Adhocratic management based on the implementation of the principles of “horizontal company” and “tribal management”. One important detail on this last point: well-being at work is a luxury that we must be able to grant ourselves by being a “solid” company. For Davidsonians, this means combining initiative, commitment and professionalism. Because “talent without work is nothing”. And it encourages us to recruit .. who are better than us…

    We encourage applications from people with disabilities, and we are committed to meeting their specific needs in the best possible way.

    Mission / Profil

    It’s hard to sum up what a Telecoms Business Engineer does at Dav, but in general, it’s all about:

    • Participating in the creation of a team of fully autonomous consultants, with a coach focused on supporting you (manager or associate director)
    • Winning over potential customers or developing existing ones
    • Putting together functional and technical proposals, taking part in RFIs/RFQs to win new business
    • Growing your existing customer portfolio and building loyalty (new customers and existing partners)
    • Actively participating in the recruitment of future Davidson staff (interviews, meet-ups, community sessions, events, etc.)
    • Managing your consultants’ careers with “in-house” tools
    • Taking part in Davidson’s cross-functional projects
    • Monitoring developments in the sector
    • Seeking to take on medium-term responsibilities by working on complex offerings (packages and service centres), then assuming responsibility for a team of business engineers
    • Developing a first-rate managerial attitude
    • Being able to work in a team and foster mutual support between business engineers

    Skills (pre-existing or to be acquired)

    • You will have a postgraduate degree and have graduated from an engineering or business school
    • Initial experience in telecoms or media sectors

    Talents/soft skills

    • Empathy
    • Endurance
    • Resilience
    • Persuasive skills

    Description of the segment's business

    Business Management jobs


    After consultants and the administration and finance division, Davidson’s third-largest contingent is made up of business managers.
    In addition to the role detailed below, it’s important we emphasise three key elements you need to bear in mind before applying!

    1. Managers need to embody the stances – in this case managerial – adopted by the Davidson community and described in the Da Vidson Code 4. We hope you enjoy reading !
    2. They play a pivotal role in the company’s horizontal organisation, being involved in the “triads” that continually challenge the stances, processes and tools in place at Davidson based on tribal management principles: creative freedom, “democratic” decisions, non-reporting, etc.
    3. They need to strive to become the cause of the effect they want to produce (we’ll let you meditate on this… or continue reading…)

    Follow your dreams, they know the way.

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