Shopify is a growing e-commerce platform. It is intuitive and adapted to the different needs of small and large accounts.

Designed to build and manage technical projects that think “Business First”, the Shopify Project Management course aims to give the Project Manager the means and autonomy to move forward with confidence at every stage and get the best out of the Shopify e-commerce platform.

Training objectives :

  • Understand the specificities of the Shopify platform
  • Implement a project methodology adapted to Shopify
  • Visualise the integration of Shopify into an existing information system

Participants :

  • IT/e-commerce project managers from major accounts or agencies
  • IT/e-commerce project managers from major accounts or agencies
  • IT/e-commerce domain managers from major accounts or agencies
  • Consultants in project management assistance and project management

Introduction to Shopify

  • The Shopify Disruption
  • Shopify, Shopify Plus and Shopify POS
  • Why a Shopify specific project methodology?

The 4 rules of a successful Shopify project

  • Speed
  • Modularity
  • Interactivity
  • Traceability

The functional and technical scope of the project

  • Identify the functional bricks
  • List the Apps and/or specific developments
  • Define the project KPIs, identify the risks

The different actors of the project

  • Project management
  • Front and back-end development team
  • The ecosystem: Shopify Experts, Shopify Partners, app publishers
  • The other players

The documentation strategy

  •     How to document a Shopify project
  •     Documentation to be updated in real time

Implementing the new platform

  • Planning the project
  • Preparing the data migration
  • Interfacing with existing systems (ERP, CRM, etc.)
  • Creating and setting up the Shopify shop
  • Security and regulatory constraints: RGPD, double authentication, single sign-on

Example of building a management environment for a Shopify project

  • Work on the fictitious case of the creation of a Shopify shop for a fashion brand
  • Setting up a project environment on a collaborative management tool

Requirements :
A good culture of e-commerce projects, whatever the technology

Pedagogical / supervisory devices :
The trainees have a course support

Evaluation devices :
A final MCQ sanctioning the skills acquired during the training day. MCQ graded and providing precise and detailed answers to all the questions.

Duration :
One day (7 hours)

Modalities :
Intra-company, face-to-face, given in French

Prices :
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Updated on 11/06/2024