“It doesn’t matter so much what you’re thinking, just think bigger”
Anthony Naiha Associate director
3 Rue Alfred Kastler
67100 Strasbourg
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10 Rue Aristide Briand
90000 Belfort
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12 Boulevard Carnot
21000 Dijon
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19 Avenue Foch
57000 Metz
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Our priority is the common interest

Our values

Our activities are structured around digital businesses, industry and telecoms, ranging from project management to project ownership.
Our support involves us in a variety of ways, including technical assistance in tenders with a resource and/or outcome obligation, and the teams work at our offices or on customer premises.

The foundation that guides our hiring is based on providing multiple opportunities, allowing you to choose assignments, being attentive to others, exchanging information, etc. Above all, we want everyone to feel comfortable in their role, be fulfilled and have the desire to share.

If you work in these fields, don’t think twice: call us!

We’d be delighted to meet you and we’ll look at your application together to offer you the best possible career path.

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Areas of expertise

Work areas

  • Big data strategy
  • Data product strategy
  • Big data platform
  • Data science
  • Business process modelling
  • Lean start-up, design thinking, agile
  • Training (technical and non-technical)
  • Deep learning
  • Machine learning
  • Natural language processing
  • Natural language understanding
  • Chatbot
  • UX/UI
  • Workshops


  • Web and mobile applications
  • Cloud and on-premise
  • Proof of concept
In this image, we see a woman sitting in front of a brick wall. Thoughtful, she looks at a graffiti on which is written "Drink Coffee Be Cool"

Our customers

  • AXA
  • AFI - ESCA