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When you come to work at Davidson, you won’t just be joining a group of 3,000 consultants in 6 countries and 2 continents, you’ll be joining “the” company named by its employees as Great Place To Work France and Europe for four years, as well as the largest B Corp in France.
“B Corps” form a community of companies that have decided that, rather than being the best in the world, they’ll be the best *for* the world.
Our growth is based on strong principles:

Deep respect for all our stakeholders: consultants, customers and suppliers, because although work can’t “buy happiness”, it can “cause unhappiness”. We’re therefore committed to listening, acting honestly and promoting equality (Women / Men but not only).
A minimum environmental footprint and a maximum societal footprint. This is why, aside from the assignments you’ll be working on, you’ll also have the chance to contribute to the projects Davidson supports: international solidarity assignments (with Planète Urgence), supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds (with Article 1) and investing in start-ups that develop innovative solutions.
Adhocratic management based on implementing “horizontal company” and “tribal management” principles.

One important point about the latter: well-being at work is a luxury you need to have as a “solid” company. For the Davidson teams, this means marrying initiative, commitment and professionalism, as “without work, talent is just a dirty habit”. It drives us to recruit components that are better than we are. In a classic hierarchical organisation, it can be beneficial to have an army of people who work for you. In an adhocracy, that doesn’t work.

Mission / Profile

Working under the Accounting Director, you’ll be in charge of accounting and will participate in tax-related matters for a portfolio of entities in France and abroad. More specifically, your duties for your portfolio of subsidiaries will primarily be to:

  • Maintain general and cost accounting records: supplier invoices, expense reports, bank cards, payments, banking info, bank reconciliations, cash flow data
  • Manage and control group-related movements: intercompany transactions, internal re-invoicing, turnover
  • Preparing accounting revisions in collaboration with Management Control
  • Maintain a discerning eye over the results and investigate anomalies
  • Prepare work documentation and prepare the balance sheet, independently or semi-independently
  • Prepare tax statements

Skills (pre-existing or to be acquired)

  • A two-year technical degree (BTS) or a degree in accounting/management (DCG)
  • 2-3 years’ experience, including 1 or 2 in a company

Talents/soft skills

  • All transactions from the other departments will be coming across your desk, so you’ll need to be the best friend of all your co-workers 🙂
  • Organised
  • Open
  • Curious
  • Thorough

Description of the segment's business

Back Office

Working in Davidson’s Administration and Finance Division means being an integral part of the company’s life cycle. You’ll be part of a calm working environment that values employee well-being and will demonstrate a keen talent for service, high standards and unfailing pragmatism.

Being an admin at Davidson means:

  • You absolutely need to have a “business partner” mindset, regardless of which department you’re with
  • You need to be intellectually mobile, capable of surprising and making suggestions, and (very) familiar with using digital tools, as Davidson would rather have something good home-made than something bad purchased/outsourced and has therefore developed proprietary tools. Naturally, if you’re capable of making suggestions, you also need to be able to accept that they might not be taken up
  • You have to accept there’s a balance between creative and interesting tasks, and tasks that don’t really fit into that category. But fear not: a big part of the creative and interesting ones involves suggesting solutions that cut down on the less interesting tasks
  • You need to be skilled in your field, which is why the recruitment process includes an assessment of technical and practical knowledge
  • Working at the heart of a complex system in collaboration with all of the departments inside and outside the administration and finance division. You therefore need to be open, attentive and have a positive character

Follow your dreams, they know the way.

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