Vacancy available: Valbonne

    When you come to work at Davidson, you won’t just be joining a group of 3,000 consultants in 6 countries and 2 continents, you’ll be joining “the” company named by its employees as Great Place To Work France and Europe for four years, as well as the largest B Corp in France.
    “B Corps” form a community of companies that have decided that, rather than being the best in the world, they’ll be the best *for* the world.
    Our growth is based on strong principles:

    Deep respect for all our stakeholders: consultants, customers and suppliers, because although work can’t “buy happiness”, it can “cause unhappiness”. We’re therefore committed to listening, acting honestly and promoting equality (Women / Men but not only).
    A minimum environmental footprint and a maximum societal footprint. This is why, aside from the assignments you’ll be working on, you’ll also have the chance to contribute to the projects Davidson supports: international solidarity assignments (with Planète Urgence), supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds (with Article 1) and investing in start-ups that develop innovative solutions.
    Adhocratic management based on implementing “horizontal company” and “tribal management” principles.

    One important point about the latter: well-being at work is a luxury you need to have as a “solid” company. For the Davidson teams, this means marrying initiative, commitment and professionalism, as “without work, talent is just a dirty habit”. It drives us to recruit components that are better than we are. In a classic hierarchical organisation, it can be beneficial to have an army of people who work for you. In an adhocracy, that doesn’t work.

    Missions / Profil

    Reporting to the Human Resources Development Officer, you will work on:

    1) Management of personnel files from the entry to the exit of the employee

    • Editing employment contracts
    • Delivery of the hiring pack and constitution of personnel files
    • Update of personnel files
    • Follow-up of medical visits
    • Monitoring of Trial Periods
    • Ensure the smooth running of change of status files, introduction, monitoring of residence permits
    • Facilitation of integration sessions

    2) Employee payroll preparation

    • Transmission to the pay specialist of the elements necessary for drawing up the payslip for all employees: time count, increase, bonus, etc.
    • Management of expense reports

    3) Various administrative tasks

    • Day-to-day administrative tasks: premises management, inventory management, mail management, etc.
    • Supplier invoice control



    • With a Bac + 2 to Bac + 3 training, you come from an HR course.
    • You have significant experience of at least 2 years on equivalent assignments (work-study program included).
    • You have a perfect command of the Office Pack.
    • Basics in English are required.
    • Your background attests to real organizational and listening skills.
    • You are cheerful, dynamic, have a team spirit and you know how to manage priorities.
    • You show a great sense of relationships.



    • CDI, full time
    • Position to be filled as soon as possible
    • Location: Davidson East Headquarters, 3 rue Alfred Kastler, 67100 Strasbourg

    Description of the segment's business

    Back Office

    Working in Davidson’s Administration and Finance Division means being an integral part of the company’s life cycle. You’ll be part of a calm working environment that values employee well-being and will demonstrate a keen talent for service, high standards and unfailing pragmatism.

    Being an admin at Davidson means:

    • You absolutely need to have a “business partner” mindset, regardless of which department you’re with
    • You need to be intellectually mobile, capable of surprising and making suggestions, and (very) familiar with using digital tools, as Davidson would rather have something good home-made than something bad purchased/outsourced and has therefore developed proprietary tools. Naturally, if you’re capable of making suggestions, you also need to be able to accept that they might not be taken up
    • You have to accept there’s a balance between creative and interesting tasks, and tasks that don’t really fit into that category. But fear not: a big part of the creative and interesting ones involves suggesting solutions that cut down on the less interesting tasks
    • You need to be skilled in your field, which is why the recruitment process includes an assessment of technical and practical knowledge
    • Working at the heart of a complex system in collaboration with all of the departments inside and outside the administration and finance division. You therefore need to be open, attentive and have a positive character

    Follow your dreams, they know the way.

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