When you come to work at Davidson, you won’t just be joining a group of 3,000 consultants in 6 countries and 2 continents, you’ll be joining “the” company named by its employees as Great Place To Work France and Europe for four years, as well as the largest B Corp in France.
“B Corps” form a community of companies that have decided that, rather than being the best in the world, they’ll be the best *for* the world.
Our growth is based on strong principles:

Deep respect for all our stakeholders: consultants, customers and suppliers, because although work can’t “buy happiness”, it can “cause unhappiness”. We’re therefore committed to listening, acting honestly and promoting equality (Women / Men but not only).
A minimum environmental footprint and a maximum societal footprint. This is why, aside from the assignments you’ll be working on, you’ll also have the chance to contribute to the projects Davidson supports: international solidarity assignments (with Planète Urgence), supporting students from disadvantaged backgrounds (with Article 1) and investing in start-ups that develop innovative solutions.
Adhocratic management based on implementing “horizontal company” and “tribal management” principles.

One important point about the latter: well-being at work is a luxury you need to have as a “solid” company. For the Davidson teams, this means marrying initiative, commitment and professionalism, as “without work, talent is just a dirty habit”. It drives us to recruit components that are better than we are. In a classic hierarchical organisation, it can be beneficial to have an army of people who work for you. In an adhocracy, that doesn’t work.

Mission / Profile

You’ll provide operational support for a portfolio of key account customers and take responsibility for their projects. This is likely to cover design work for web/mobile e-commerce platforms / applications, as well as digital consultancy (digital strategy, eCRM, testing, analytics, etc.). You’re at home in multidisciplinary environments, and will be responsible for the smooth running of the projects assigned to you. Using Agile methods (including Scrum in particular), you’ll be responsible for delivering the project in line with the established preliminary requirements. Your work will cover such areas as:

  • Developing a vision for the product and a roadmap for the digital assets in a business context
  • Expressing needs and creating user stories
  • Prioritising product backlog items using scheduling and milestones
  • Managing product backlogs while maximising business value for users
  • Monitoring the various development phases in collaboration with the digital factory
  • Participating in Agile ceremonies with the various project teams
  • Running or organising user tests
  • Delivering the project and ensuring its conformity

Skills (pre-existing or to be acquired)

  • Extensive familiarity with product management and the role of a PO
  • Ability to devise a project strategy and provide a product vision to the teams
  • Extensive familiarity with project management and ticketing systems
  • Good background in digital (web / mobile web / mobile apps) and e-commerce technologies
  • Good knowledge of best practices for UX / UIs in various ecosystems
  • Basic understanding of technical subjects (APIs, architecture, etc.)

Talents/soft skills

  • Able to communicate with a large number of internal and external stakeholders
  • Self-motivated
  • Creative

Description of the segment's business

E-commerce trade


E-commerce has become one of Davidson Consulting’s key focuses, particularly since Colorz, the best digital agency in France (and possibly the universe), joined the group. It was all about levelling up.

The sum total of our skills means we can now tackle end-to-end projects linked to e-commerce: brand strategy, social media, website and mobile site design, Android & iOS apps, progressive web apps, marketplaces, SEO, integration of CRM, ERP, SaaS platforms (Mirakl, Proximis, Shopify, etc.) and CMS (Magento 2, Drupal, WP, etc.), chatbots.

The biggest brands from e-commerce to mass-market retailing, clothing and food now put their trust in us to position them online: multiple skills are delivered – consulting, design, project management, logistics, technical expertise, user experience, analytics, etc. – to improve our customers’ “acquisition and conversion”.


Follow your dreams, they know the way.

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